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Septic Lateral Line Pipe & Materials

Septic Lateral Line Pipe & Materials

This page describes various different ways and kinds of lateral line materials and methods that do not need rock or gravel.
The 8" Polyethylene SB-2 lateral line material with geofiber sock included (& fittings).

The EZ Flow styrofoam chipped lateral line (video) for Texas and New Mexico code. It could be said that this is a gravel bed system (but the gravel is styrofoam chips).

Bio Diffuser Panels (ARC Panels) in 24" & 36" width (regular and high capacity). It's humorous, but these have been asked for & described by customers as "like coffins with no bottom". lol

And also listed is related accessories such as the Bull Run Valve kits and geo fiber fabric sheeting.

If you have access to gravel and the ability to haul gravel to your job, we stock the perforated & solid 4" x 10' lateral line pipe called S&D (lighter), or SDR 35 (heavier) which you would use for this purpose. The geo fabric sheeting would be used to cover the rock bed you build to keep earth from infiltrating the gravel.

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Typical Septic System Installation & Guidlines:
Typical 1000gal Septic tank w/ SB-2 used
Guidelines Sheet for Class 2 Soil