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Gloves, Back Support , Dust Mask, Eye, Ear Protect, Cleanup

Gloves, Back Support , Dust Mask, Eye, Ear Protect, Cleanup

At one time, we were very strong in Safety Products of all kinds. We carried a huge selection of gloves such as leather, cloth, pvc coated, latex, jersey, welders, gardening, industrial work, terry cloth, rubber, cotton, polyester, and in all sizes for men women, & children. In limited quantities and selection we still have many of these gloves on hand. After the fire we had back in 1992, we did not bring as much of the product in this department back. But the doors to most of the suppliers we used are still open. So if a special glove need comes up in quantity, we might quote you as a special order, so just let us know. Cleanup is an important aspect of safety, keep a good broom around.

We do now stock a tough cotton polyester blend glove we call the "pumper" with extremely long wearing ability and it's a glove you can wash in the washing machine then continue to use. They are reasonable in price and very practical. Call us for a sample.

We also have the doors open to order a lot of other safety items such as eye and ear protection, back support belts, various kinds of dust masks, boots, tyvek suits, first aid kits, and most other safety related items. For the time being, we'll just wait for our customer's to show interest in these products then we'll take action.

We also carry a line of marking flags & marking tape in many colors with an option for a variety of messages written on the tapes such as "caution", Police line", etc.