Irrigation Equipment
Irrigation Equipment

Irrigation Equipment

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Underground Irrigation Line Equipment & Related:

Pvc PIP Pipe
Riser Valves & Bonnets, Vents & PopOffs
Butterfly Valves, Flanges For Inline Shutoffs

StandPipe & Well Head Hookups & Accessories:
D&K Site Check Valves & Clearvue Dressers
Steel Epoxy Coated Dressers PIP & IPS
Pvc Check Valves
Brass Swing Checks

Installatin of Lines & Repairing of Lines:
Pvc PIP Irrigation Fittings
Pvc Glue, Cleaner, Primer & Related
Flexible Rubberized Pvc Fittings
Steel Epoxy Coated Dressers PIP & IPS
Quick Patches, Emergency Clamps & Worm Gears

Note: Other Kinds of Fittings That are Sometimes needed include Schedule 40,
Schedule 80, Insert (Barbed) Fittings, Galvanized, Black, etc.
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If you expected to see it here, but you didn't, call us anyway. Our catalog is a great reference
but its' contents can change without notice. We add new products between catalog reprintings.
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