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About Us:

About Us:

Why Does Exist?

Becker's is and has been a West Texas distributor of water well pumps, pressure tanks, water filters & accessories, pvc pipe, fittings, valves, drilling supplies, tools, hardware, septic tanks, lateral lines & related products for many decades. In addition to these product offerings, we also sell Ritchie livestock waterers, various kinds of silica sand and bentonite clay, well casing, steel, copper, stainless, and brass pipe and fittings, Aermotor windmills and parts as well as the associated down hole items like succer rods and cylinders.

We perform this function online in some instances, as well as having a brick and mortar store in Slaton, Texas. We implement salesmen and delivery trucks in a geographical territory surrounding our warehouse location.

Becker's has the experience, knowledge, depth of inventory, and the manufacturer sources of supply to serve customers within the market place for all the above products and related accessories. Throughout 42 years of distribution in the West Texas area, Becker's has been a trendsetter. With the help of a service oriented company that IS Becker Wholesale Supply, and with the tools you'll find on our websites, you can expertly perform successful product selections and contact us to receive help or advice with system installations.

Understanding the times:
Big box discount stores are popping up on every street corner in every major city of America. They convince everyone who owns a hammer and an electric drill that they can "do-it" themselves with EVERY home repair.  This explains how one of the major pump manufacturers in America was able to sell about 260 million dollars worth of pumps to a well-known national big box discount chain last year. This situation is rapidly changing the landscape of the professional services business. It is known by many, however, that they fall short in the area of technical guidance in the implementation of the projects. That's where we do a better job.

This main website of ours is a place where customers can see what we offer and in what ways we can help out.
But we also invite customers to visit our websites where we offer our customers the chance to actually make purchases online using various payment methods.

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