Pipe, Hose & Tube
Pipe, Hose & Tube

Pipe, Hose & Tube

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160 wall, 200 wall, Schedule 40 - Solid Well Casing,
Schedule 80 - PE & Threaded, Perforated Pvc Well Casing
Cpvc, S&D, SDR35, 100# IPS, 7" Shroud Pipe
PIP Pipe - 22#, 50#, 80#, 100#
Pvc Environmental, Remediation & Monitor Well Pipe

Coils, Straight Lengths, Supply Tubes

Poly Pipe:
Coils of Yellow Poly Pipe for Gas Lines
(black is also available by special order)

Corrugated Poly Pipe:
Single Wall & Dual Wall (N-12) (Culvert)

Lateral Line Pipe & Materials:
SB-2 Lateral Line Pipe (& fittings), Geo Fiber,
EZ Flow Lateral Line, Bio Diffuser Panels (& ends)

Metal Pipe:
Copper & Aluminum Tube in Coils & Straight Lengths
Galvanized & Black Pipe - Threaded & Coupled (T&C)

FYI: Stainless Steel Pipe & Fittings (available by special order)

Hose & Tubing:
General Service Hose, Pvc Suction Hose, Clear Vinyl Tube
Heavy Duty Vinyl Tube - Clear & Braided, Blue Discharge Hose

Electrical Conduit Pipe:
EMT Cndt, Galv Metal Flex (greenfield) Non-Metalic Flex (Carlflex)

Plumbing, Tubular & Flex Connector Pipe:
Pvc Tubular, Flexible Gas & Water Connector Pipes and Hoses

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