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Frost Proof Yard Hydrants, Sill Cocks, Vacuum Breakers

Frost Proof Yard Hydrants, Sill Cocks, Vacuum Breakers


Water Box

We stock the various different ways of dispensing water outdoors through frost proof yard hydrants, frost proof sill cocks, but try to keep the dispensing devices from freezing and bursting when not in use. When the water is turned on to the garden hose and whatever is connected as in feeding a livestock float valve, the yard hydrant can freeze and bust since it can't drain down and be dry. 
We also stock a new product called the WaterBox which lets you conceal the installation and protect the valve from surface hazards.

One thing that needs to be pointed out is that all yard hydrants and sill cocks that are not being used and are turned off must have the garden hose loosened or disconnected so as to let air enter into the system to allow the water to drain back and away. Alolng with preventing water system contamination, that is another purpose for using a vacuum breaker.

If power is available and handy, heat tapes and insulation is another way to protect pipes, hydrants & cocks that have to be pressured up continuously. Those can be found on our website also.