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Concrete Septic Tanks, Components & Manways

Concrete Septic Tanks, Components & Manways

We have a sister company, Becker Pump & Pipe Company who makes Concrete Septic Tanks here in Slaton, Texas which you can purchase from them. Pick up only, no delivery on these tanks. But when you come here, you can get from Becker Wholesale, all the other items used in a system. The sizes offered are 500 gal & 750 gal. You must use two vessels in tandem to achieve the two compartment baffled requirement. Example: (2) 500's makes a 1000gal, a 750 & 500 makes a 1250gal, (2) 750's makes a 1500gal, etc. They are shaped like the old time oil can. Concrete tanks utilize the Tuff-Tite manways and components which are molded into the concrete tank lids and can be added to in combinations to achieve various depths.

FYI: If you know you won't be driving over your tank with anything heavier than a riding lawnmower, you can consider a 1-piece poly septic tank vessel instead. It will be all plumbed and ready to install with a baffle in it to make the two compartments.

Typical Septic System Installation & Guidlines:
Typical 1000gal Septic tank w/ SB-2 used
Guidelines Sheet for Class 2 Soil