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Norwesco Poly Septic Tanks, Components & Manways

Norwesco Poly Septic Tanks, Components & Manways

Norwesco Poly Septic Tanks have been offered in the industry for decades. Their products, reliability, service, and warranty make them the right choice in plastic tanks. We stock the regular "Legacy" versions as well as the "Low Profile" (not pictured). Sizes made are 300 gal, 500 gal, 750gal, 1000gal, 1250 gal 1500 gal. The 300 & 500 do not have baffles or fittings installed, but the rest do. Manway extensions to make pumpout maintenance easier comes in 6" tall (not pictured), 15" tall, 24" tall and can be stacked in combinations to make various heights. Pumping out your system, getting rid of solids buildup prevents those solids from making it to the laterals. This can add years of life to your system as that keeps the laterals clear. Click the blue Norwesco link above to see more on these great tanks.

FYI: Anytime you know vehicles heavier than a riding lawnmower will drive on a septic tank, always use concrete ones.

Typical Septic System Installation & Guidlines:
Typical 1000gal Septic tank w/ SB-2 used
Guidelines Sheet for Class 2 Soil