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TuffTite, Manways, Valve Boxes & Distribution Boxes

TuffTite, Manways, Valve Boxes & Distribution Boxes

The Tuf -Tite Distribuion Box, Valve Box, Manhole Extension or Manway, Sump and Septic Product line is so very versatile that you can find more ways to use it in installations of pumps, septic tanks, pipe lines, etc. than I can list here. Call us for more informaion. 
Also, we show you an economical little valve box offered for sprinkler systems,  and the Bull Run Valve kits fitting & valve kit. The bull run valve allows you to alternate the use of your lateral line drainfield sections to avoid oversaturation.

By the Way: There are factory made Norwesco Manways and lids on our site as well.

And If you wish to look at some traffic grade Manholes & Valve Boxes that can install in the parking lots of service stations, stores, etc., click here to see the environmental drilling and remediation products that contain these.