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Poly Water Storage Tanks & Components

Poly Water Storage Tanks & Components

We stock the Norwesco black colored water storage tanks for potable water in the  larger sizes (pictured), and the white colored tanks in the smaller ones (not pictured). The black are best for outdoors use for the reason that if light can penetrate the vessel, aglae will grow in the tank. The Black tanks won't grow algea.

Feel free to call us for more information on the tanks you'll be needing. Most of the tanks we sell are for the gathering of water from weak water wells and then installing a booster pump and pressure pump to send the water on into the home under pressure. We have all the components, pumps, pressure tanks, controls, float valves & switches, pipe, fittings, etc. to put the whole system together for you. 

FYI: We do stock a few water storage tanks for underground use, and can order anything Norwesco makes for you. The underground are thicker, sturdier tanks that can handle earth loads even when they are empty (water is not pushing outward giving extra support to the vessel). They are, of course more expensive.
Call us if you need more information.