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Perma Tank Pressure Tanks - Metal, by AO Smith

Perma Tank Pressure Tanks - Metal, by AO Smith

Many years ago, when we first became a Myers Pump Distributor, the Myers folks sold us a pressure tank made for them by the AO Smith company. In those days, it was a forrest green color and our experiences with it were excellent. A very well made product with a low failure rate in the warranty periods caused us to develop a great customer following on it. We termed it in our catalog then as "MPD-52, or MPD-86, etc. (MPD stood for Myers Pressure Diaphram, the number indicated gallons of water capacity).
Of course, over time there were a lot of these plumbed into jobs out there in the world.

Then one day, Myers gets bought by the Pentair Water Group (which also has Sta-rite, Berkeley, Fairbanks Morse, and other product lines in it). Since the Sta-rite member in that group also made a pressure tank called the "Pro Source" in both metal and fiberglass, the AO Smith Tank was dropped by the Myers arm of the Pentair Group as now they would be using the Pro Source models.

Our customers were so happy with the AO Smith tanks that they asked us to keep selling them that tank even though we could now offer them the Pro Source models. We agreed, and began a relationship with AO Smith to handle their tank as well as the Pro Source. The AO Smith tank changed to a blue color from then on and the model numbers and name changed, but it was the same tank and it re-plumbed easily right back into the installations where one of those green ones were once installed. The name given to the tank from then on would be "Perma Tank". Now the part number works to express the product this way: "DPT-16, DPT-27" (DPT stands for Diaphram Pressure Tank, the number represents the drawdown at a 20-40 pressure switch setting). The DPT-16 is same as the MPD 52, the DPT-27 is same as the MPD-86. The standard air over water PermaTanks have a 3-year warranty, and the diaphram PermaTanks have a 5-year warranty.

Diagrams of Typical Pressure Tank Installations:
A Simple & Easy Installation That Works
An Install where Pitless & Tank Cross Was Used