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Environmental Drilling Sands, Clays, Polymers & Muds

Environmental Drilling Sands, Clays, Polymers & Muds

We stock the Baroid brand of products as well as the PDSCO line of clays, muds, polymers, grouts, and granuals for stabilizing water wells and environmental wells. Some of the names you may recognize is Benseal, EzSeal, Holeplug, Quik Gel, Quik Grout, EzMud, AQF2, AquaClear PFD, & Drillfoam. We also stock most often used grades of Silica Sand as well. 8/16, 12/20, 20/40, 30/50 to mention a few.

The brand of environmental pipe we stock is Environmental Manufacturing Inc. located in Manhattan Kansas, (great people to work with). They use only the best pvc pipe and pipe companies when purchasing pipe that will be machined for this purpose.
We stock and offer many other environmental drilling products so check with us.
Navigate to the fitting pages of our website from here and click on the correct link to the environmental fittings page, or go here.
The fittings for environmental pipe are very special, configured many ways and have the matching threadings to fit the pipe. Call us for more information.