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Septic Tank Bacterial Colonies, Marc Chemical Treatments

Septic Tank Bacterial Colonies, Marc Chemical Treatments

There is no better way to keep a septic tank working trouble free than a regular (every 4-5 years) pumping out of the first chamber getting rid of all the solids that did not liquify.

But this page shows and describes various different ways and kinds of septic tank treatment aids by the Mid American Research Chemical Corporation 
(MARC for short)
to help in between pumpings.
There is a septic tank scrubber or liquifier #M-77 (also known as Micro-Zyme) which has aggressive bacterial conlonies which will quickly digest and liquify solids that are overloading the tank. The bacteria in this product does not propagate (make babies). It dies off after doing its' job and then you need to follow up with septic tank treatment or cleaner #M-6 which does propagate and keeps itself active and working for up to a year. (The babies make babies, make babies, etc.) Pick an easy-to-remember holiday to administer these chemicals every year (like the 4th of July for example). These chemicals should be introduced at a rate of one quart per 500 gallons of septic tank size.
example: a 1000gal tank would need two quarts flushed in.

Marc also makes a good tree root control #M-70 (also pictured)

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Typical Septic System Installation & Guidlines:
Typical 1000gal Septic tank w/ SB-2 used
Guidelines Sheet for Class 2 Soil