Valves Of All Kinds
Valves Of All Kinds

Valves Of All Kinds

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PVC - Schedule 40 & Schedule 80:
Ball Valves - Made in USA & Import
Check Valves - Spring & Swing

PVC - DWV (Drain Waste & Vent):
Bull Run Valve Kits, Tuf-Tite

Line Valves - Brass & Cast Iron, Fpt, Barbed & Sweat:
Ball Valves - Restricted & Full Port
Gate Valves - Farm & Irrigation duty
Swing Check Valves
Spring Check Valves

Irrigation Related Valves:
Riser Valves, Bonnets, Vents, Pop Offs, Drwbnds
Butterfly Valves & Flanges
D&K Clearvue Site Checks

Plumbing Valves - Chrome, Brass, Cast Iron
Pex, Chrome Lav Stops, Comp, Flare, PIpe Thread
Bibbs, Sill Cocks, Faucets, Boiler Drains, Garden
Gas Cocks, Flat Head Gas Stops, Toilet Tank Valves
Frost Proof Yard Hydrants, Sill Cocks, Vacuum Breakers

Livestock Waterer Floats, Valves & Ice Preventors:
Ritchie Valves & Floats
AY McDonald
Watts / Flippen
Watson Manufacturing
Jobe / Stay Tuff
Hudson Valves
Walters / Johnson / MicroSweeper

Pump & Windmill Related Valves & Checks:
Air Volume Controls, Dole & Pressure Restricting Valves
(snifter / schrader valves, snubber valves, drainback / bleeder valves)

Windmill Down hole - Bottom & Top Checks, Cylinders

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