Pump Installation Accessories
Pump Installation Accessories

Pump Installation Accessories

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Variouos Kinds of Pipe Used In Pump Work
160 wall, 200 wall, Schedule 40 - Solid Well Casing,
Schedule 80 - PE & Threaded, Perforated Pvc Well Casing
Coils, Straight Lengths, Supply Tubes
Poly Pipe (can be used for drop pipe):
Coils of Yellow Poly Pipe for Gas Lines
(black is also available by special order)

Metal Pipe:
Galvanized & Black Pipe - Threaded & Coupled (T&C)
FYI: Stainless Steel Pipe & Fittings (available by special order)

Fittings Sometimes Needed In Pump Work
PVC - Schedule 40:

Tees, Crosses, Ells, Couplings & Unions
Caps, Plugs, Male & Female Adap, Bushings
Barbed Adapters, Saddles, Large Fabricated Fittings

PVC - Schedule 80:
Tees, Crosses, Ells, Couplings & Unions
Caps, Plugs, Male & Female Adap, Bushings
Flanges & Gskts, Nipples, Tank Adapters
PVC - Compression, Expansion (Slip Fix) & Dresser Style:
Coup, Expansion Repair (Slip Fix), Tees, Adap, Gskts
PVC - Barbed Insert Fittings:
Tees, Ells, Coup, Male & Female Adapters
Pex (Zurn Industries):
Pex Fittings - Compression (Acetal)
Pex Fittings - Barbed (Brass & Plastic) & Tools
Steel / Malleable Pipe Fittings - Galvanized:

Coup, Ells, Tees, Bells, Crosses, Caps
Locknuts, Unions, Flanges, Plugs, Bush, Nipples
Dresser Couplings, Barbed Insert KC's & Coups

Steel / Malleable Pipe Fittings - Black:
Coup, Ells, Tees, Bells, Crosses, Caps
Locknuts, Unions, Flanges, Plugs, Bush, Nipples

 FYI: Stainless Steel Pipe & Fittings (available by special order)
Brass Fittings Variations:
Brass Pipe Fittings and Nipples
Brass Dresser Couplings and Tees

Various Kinds of Valves Used In Pump Work
PVC - Schedule 40 & Schedule 80:

Ball Valves - Made in USA & Import
Check Valves - Spring & Swing

Valves & Bibbs - Brass & Cast Iron, Fpt, Barbed & Sweat:
Ball Valves - Restricted & Full Port
Gate Valves - Farm & Irrigation duty
Bibbs, Sill Cocks, Faucets, Boiler Drains, Garden
Swing Check Valves
Spring Check Valves

Underground & Wellhead Repair & Installation Fittings
Bolted Steel Epoxy Coated Dressers - IPS & PIP
D&K Clearvue and Site Check Dressers - IPS
Quick Patch, Emergency Clamps, Wormgear Clamps
Metal Insert Fittings, KC Nipples, Couplings
Stainless Steel Worm-gear Clamps

Pump & Windmill Related Air & Water Flow Devices
Air Volume Controls, Dole & Pressure Restricting Valves
(snifter / schrader valves, snubber valves, drainback / bleeder valves)

Windmill Down hole - Bottom & Top Checks, Cylinders

Submersible Motors & Controls
4" Pentek Motors, Controls & Protections
6" Hitachi Motors & Controls

Items Found Around a Pressure Tank Installation
Flomatic Brass & Castiron Checks
Pressure Switches, Air Vol Cntrl, Gauges, Pop Offs, Dole Valves
Tank Crosses, Snifter Vlv, Splce Kit, Well Cap, Well Seal, Pitless
Heating Devices & Insulation Materials to prevent freezing
Faucets & Bibbs, Frost Proof Yard Hydrants
Glue, Cleaner, Primer, Dopes, Tapes, Lubes
Dekorra Rock Products to Cover and Protect a Small Tank
Water Filtering Equipment

Diagrams of Typical Pressure Tank Installations
A Simple & Easy Installation That Works
An Install where Pitless & Tank Cross Was Used

Water Filters, Elements, Brackets, Wrenches & Parts
American Plumber / Pentair Water Filters & Accessories

Water Well Drilling Products & Tools
Pvc Well Case, Solid & Perforated
Pvc Glue, Cleaner, Primer & Related
Well Caps, Pitless Adap, Well Seals & Plates
Drilling Muds, Sands, Clays, Cements, Polymers
Well Tools, Elevators, Wrenches, Chain & Cable
Jet Lube Drill Pipe Compounds & Sealants
Dekorra Rock Well Head Protect & Concealments
Tuff-Tite Manways, Manholes, Sumps, & Lids

Lubricants, Compounds & Coatings
Gasoila Products, Pipe Dopes & Teflon Tape
Jet Lube

Electrical Wiring Used In Pump Work
Submersible Pump Wire & Splice Kits,Tapes

Pumping Panels, Disconnects & Fuses
Siemens (Furnace) Pumping Panels, Disconnects & Fuses
Pressure & Float Switches

Electrical Conduit Pipe
Metal & Plastic Conduit Pipe

Electical Conduit & Fittings
Pvc Electrical Conduit Fittings

Electical Heaters, Heat Lamps, Heat Tapes
Milk House Heater, Heat Lamps & Bulbs
Immersion Heater (donut heater) for Waterers
Electric Heat Tape, End Kits & Insulations

Plumbing, Pump, & Water Well & Drilling Tools
Ridgid Tools, Pipe Wrenches, Threaders, etc.
Specialty Tools, Tongs, Pvc Cutters & Torches
Pex Crimping Tools
Water Well & Environmental Well Tools
Gloves, Safety, Protective, Cleanup
Handled Tools

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