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Pipe Used In The Plumbing World
160 wall, 200 wall, Schedule 40 - Solid Well Casing,
Schedule 80 - PE & Threaded, Perforated Pvc Well Casing
Cpvc, S&D, SDR35, 100# IPS, 7" Shroud Pipe
PIP Pipe - 22#, 50#, 80#, 100#
Pvc Environmental, Remediation & Monitor Well Pipe
Coils, Straight Lengths, Supply Tubes
Poly Pipe:
Coils of Yellow Poly Pipe for Gas Lines
(black is also available by special order)

Metal Pipe:
Copper & Aluminum Tube in Coils & Straight Lengths
Galvanized & Black Pipe - Threaded & Coupled (T&C)

FYI: Stainless Steel Pipe & Fittings (available by special order)
Plumbing, Tubular & Flex Connector Pipe:
Plumbing Plastic Tubular Pipe & Fittings
Flexible Gas & Water Connector Pipes and Hoses

Fittings Used In The Plumbing World
PVC - Schedule 40:

Tees, Crosses, Ells, Couplings & Unions
Caps, Plugs, Male & Female Adap, Bushings
Barbed Adapters, Saddles, Large Fabricated Fittings

PVC - Schedule 80:
Tees, Crosses, Ells, Couplings & Unions
Caps, Plugs, Male & Female Adap, Bushings
Flanges & Gskts, Nipples, Tank Adapters
PVC - DWV (Drain Waste & Vent):
Ells, Coup, Adap, Bush, Plug, Cap, P-trap, Flanges
Tees, Wyes, Double Wyes, Combinations
PVC - S&D / SDR 35:
Coup, Ells, Tees, Crosses, Caps, Plugs, Adap, Saddles
PVC - Compression, Expansion (Slip Fix) & Dresser Style:
Coup, Expansion Repair (Slip Fix), Tees, Adap, Gskts
PVC - Barbed Insert Fittings:
Tees, Ells, Coup, Male & Female Adapter
Rubberized PVC - Flexible Soiltite Fittings by Fernco:
Coup, Ells, Tees, Caps, Adapters, Saddles, No Hubs 
PVC Tubular Slip Joint Sink & Tub Fittings:
Coup, Ells, Tees, Adapters, Crossovers, Waste/Overflows
PVC - Garden Hose, Domestic Irrigation Hose:
Tees, Ells, Caps, Plugs, Couplings, Hose Adapters
CPVC - (for hot water):
Tees, Ells, Coup, Male & Female Adap, Caps, Bush, Bells
Pex (Zurn Industries):
Pex Fittings - Compression (Acetal)
Pex Fittings - Barbed (Brass & Plastic) & Tools
Gas Fittings & Risers For the Yellow Gas Poly Pipe:
Poly Heat Weld & Epoxy Coated Compression
Steel / Malleable Pipe Fittings - Galvanized:
Coup, Ells, Tees, Bells, Crosses, Caps
Locknuts, Unions, Flanges, Plugs, Bush, Nipples
Dresser Couplings, Barbed Insert KC's & Coups
Steel / Malleable Pipe Fittings - Black:
Coup, Ells, Tees, Bells, Crosses, Caps
Locknuts, Unions, Flanges, Plugs, Bush, Nipples
 FYI: Stainless Steel Pipe & Fittings (available by special order)
Brass Fittings Variations:
Brass Pipe Fittings and Nipples
Brass Dresser Couplings and Tees
Brass Compression Fittings
Brass Flare Fittings
Brass Insert Fittings
Brass Garden Hose Fittings
Copper Sweat Fittings Variations:
Adapters, Coup, Cap, Union, Ells, Street Ells,Tees, etc.

Valves Used In The Plumbing World
PVC - Schedule 40 & Schedule 80:
Ball Valves - Made in USA & Import
Check Valves - Spring & Swing

PVC - DWV (Drain Waste & Vent):
Bull Run Valve Kits, Tuf-Tite
Line Valves - Brass & Cast Iron, Fpt, Barbed & Sweat:
Ball Valves - Restricted & Full Port
Gate Valves - Farm & Irrigation duty
Swing Check Valves
Spring Check Valves
Plumbing Valves - Chrome, Brass, Cast Iron
Pex, Chrome Lav Stops, Comp, Flare, PIpe Thread
Bibbs, Sill Cocks, Faucets, Boiler Drains, Garden
Gas Cocks, Flat Head Gas Stops, Toilet Tank Valves
Frost Proof Yard Hydrants, Sill Cocks, Vacuum Breakers

Plumbing Specialty for Toilet, Sink, Tub & Shower
For Fixture, Toilet, Sink, Brackets, Supports & Gaskets

Glue, Cleaner, Primer, Dopes, Tapes & Gasket Lube
Septic Tank Cleaners & Maintenance Products

Water Filters, Elements, Brackets, Wrenches & Parts
American Plumber / Pentair Water Filters & Accessories

Plumbing, Pump, & Water Well & Drilling Tools
Ridgid Tools, Pipe Wrenches, Threaders, etc.
Specialty Tools, Tongs, Pvc Cutters & Torches
Pex Crimping Tools
Water Well & Environmental Well Tools
Gloves, Safety, Protective, Cleanup
Handled Tools

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